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High Precision Image Measuring Machine

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15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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Product description:

High Precision Image Measuring Instrument designed to measure the two coordinates

oiled porn,in all application areas and is widely used in different kinds of precision finishing industries,

such as: machinery, electronics, ironware, instruments, plastics and so on.,xxx sexx

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सेकस फीलम,1. High Precision Image Measuring Instrument  uses U.S.TEO 1 / 2 color CCD cameras,

    the cross-line generator is the measuringaiming system.,private.com

2. Digital measurement and data processing system are made up by the two coordinate’s studio,,celebjihaf

    the optical grating and the SDK -3000 data card.,porn chubby

3. High Precision Image Measuring Instrument has various functions of data processing,,sex fil

xxx full sex,    display, input and output, particularly; the work piece straightening function is very useful.

free femdom,4. High Precision Image Measuring Instrument has RS-232 interface with a computer

hentaionline,    and specialized measurement software which can also processes and output circular mapping.

gangbanging,5. The marble base and column, high stability.




definebabe,1. High Precision Image Measuring Instrument can measure point, line, circle,

   arc and oval, rectangular and improve the accuracy with the multi-point positioning function.,blondynka

2. High Precision Image Measuring Instrument  has many features,,sunny pussy

    such as combination of measurements, center structure and the intersection of structure,,cori chase

celebjihaf,    the midpoint of construction, line structure, a round structure and structural point of view.

3. Coordinate translation and coordinates straighten out is to make measurement more,naked toons

    convenient and efficient and improve measurement efficiency.,freeorn

lyra louvel,4. Macros can measure the same parts faster and more convenient volume and improve

brazares,    the measurement efficiency.

oiled porn,5. Measurement data directly input into AutoCAD and become a full work circle;

xxx gay fuck,    the data also can be entered in Excel and Word to conduct statistical analysis.

porn babes,6. Record user program, editing and execute command.

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The Main Technical Parameter:

High Precision Image Measuring Instrument 


Model,porn moaning


TT-3020,cunt show

Metal table size,naked pee

404 x 228mm,ava addmas

cori chase,510 x 290mm

Glass table size,wow nude

watch gf com,260 x 160mm

350 x 280mm,dp porn tube

Travel: X,Y,shakira nude

kings porn,200 x 100mm

www freeporm,300 x 200mm

wife pornhub,Net Weight

fuck video,110kg

200kg,dp porn tube

porn hhd,Dimension

private.com,700 x 600 x 900

dana hamm,970 x 670 x 940

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black cuck,Z-axis travel:200mm                    Work distance:95mm

झविझवि,Resolution of X,Y,Z scales:0.0005um           X,Y-axis accuracy:(3+L/200)um

Video system,dana hamm

hd sxy video,Camera: Color 1/3``CCD camera

Optical Magnification:0.7~4.5X,home porn

adam ramzi,Digital magnification:30~230X

hd porn girl,Object view-field:7~1.1mm

sunny pussy,Contour and surface illumination: Ring LED and brightness can be setup

ww porn sex,Power: AC180V~260V/50Hz

oiled porn,Software: Quick Measuring 2.0

High Precision Image Measuring Instrument Picture:


High Precision Image Measuring Instrument

naked peeHigh Precision Image Measuring Instrument

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