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Universal Tensile Testing Machine

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Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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Universal Testing Machine Video                              Universal Testing Machine Brochure

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Haidaequipment's Universal testing machines consists of power-driven energy and sturdy dual-column structures with excellent load frame stiffness. The universal testing machine has a working range of 0kn to 20KN (can be optional)and maintains a precision of +/-0.5% of the load shown in the range. Equipped with a professional intelligent universal testing system TM 2101 software, after the system is started, the universal test machine automatically with speed of 0.1~500mm/min(Adjustable by PC) in 1200mm Stoke (Including fixture) testing.The equipment uses the humanized industrial design, the light weigh, easy to move, can put on the table

This universal Tensile Testing Machine can do elongation test,tensile test, tear test, peel test, bond test with different clamps for paper, tape, film,steel,leather,fabric,textile and other kind of materials.the maximum value can be customized: 20KN,50KN,150KN,5T,1000T...ETC

This Universal Tensile Testing Machine uses the motor to drive screw to move fixtures. Fix sample between upper and lower fixture and pull sample by the upper fixture upward with specified speed. The load cell connecting with upper fixture will sense the force and then convert it into voltage sign to the display screen. Force value will be displayed automatically on the screen.

Applications test
  1. lesbion sex,Deformation under defined load: Test deformation under defined load of tested sample

  2. webcams sex,Load under defined deformation: Test load under defined deformation of tested sample

  3. Software can issue report with results for max. force, elongation, tensile strength, peel strength, tear strength, compression strength, etc.,xxx yout

  4. This universal test machine can do different test as per customer requirement such as elongation strength testtensile test ,peel test, tear test, compression test, bend test with different clamps.

Applications Standard(including but not limited to...)



The TM2101 software is designed purposely for computer controlled electronic universal testing machine,  used for tension, compress, bend, shear, tearing and peel test. With the personal computer and interface plate, it could collect, save, process and print test result. Further it can calculate multiple parameters, i.e. maximum force, yield strength, average peel force maximum deformation, yielding point and elastic modulus; this universal testing machine system is featured in curve process, multi-sensor support, image interface, flexible data process and powerful system function.

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Lab Room

In order to provide our customers with the best service, our company set up its own lab room. On the one hand can be easy to do sample testing (recording test process to the customer). Another aspect of equipment teaching training. For example, equipment commissioning, calibration, test software use, live video maintenance, replacement fixture and so on.


Our Services

If you face any problems in future during testing process we promise we will give you a reply within 48 hours and solution provide within 3 working days. We can offer operation video and English operation muanual. We can provide video-conference. If customers require on-site service, the transport and travel expense shall be borne by customer. 


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Frame capacity,xxx yout

2000kg(20KN can be optional )    

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PC with windows 7 system,faapy.com

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Vertical test space,mamy sex com

holy hendrix,1200mm including fixture

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Test speed,titfuck porn

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Software ,desi poorn

TM 2101,brezzras

Curves display,big kok xxx

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Max. force, speed, sample   information, strength(Kpa, Mpa, N/mm, N/mm2) etc…

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The table parameters is for the company Standard Model parameters, we support customer customization parameter

universal test machine

Universal test machine can be configured with different test fixture to do different test for different testing materials.

What is tensile strength test procedure?

The sample was grasped at both ends with fixtures and the fixtures pulled slowly on the sample longitudinally until it broke. Tensile force is called load and the load is made according to the length change or displacement of the material. The load is converted to a stress value and the displacement is converted to a strain value.,brezzras

What is the price of a tensile test machine?

Tensile test machines for different test materials and different test force values range, the price is not the same, if you want to know the price of specific products, please contact us.

How much force test can tensile test machine reach?

xxxxxxx xx,In order to meet the different test requirements of users, Haida provides a variety of force testing machines, the minimum force testing range can reach 5kn, the maximum testing range can reach 200T, in addition, Haida can also produce machines with user-specified force range.

What parts do tensile test machines have?

xxxvides hd,In order to help users to save costs, so that a machine can do different types of tests, Haida has developed different fixtures to meet the different testing needs of users. The types of fixtures include: tension, compression, tearing, bending, peeling , broken, etc.

How to calibrate tensile test machines?

sex. cam,Haida technicians use our portable calibration equipment to calibrate the measuring equipment on the pulling machine. When calibrating the machine, the reference point of the measuring equipment is compared with internationally recognized calibration standards to meet international testing standards, such as ASTM, EN, ISO, JIS,etc.

What is the working principle of tensile test machine?

titfuck porn,The sample is clamped between the two clamps of the tensioner clamp. The two clamps move relative to each other. The force value sensors in the clamp and the built-in displacement sensor in the machine collect the changes in the force during the test. And displacement changes, to calculate the sample tensile, tear, deformation rate and other performance indicators.

Can tensile test machines do indirect tensile strength tests?

Yes, Haida can attach a circular pressure plate fixture to the tension machine,a cylindrical material is loaded radially on a circular cross section. Loading causes tensile deformation perpendicular to the loading direction, which causes tensile failure. By recording the ultimate load and knowing the dimensions of the material, the indirect tensile strength of the material can be calculated.,brazzers 4k

Can tensile machines be used for steel tensile testing?

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